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Pay Per Click Management


What is it?

PPC advertisement complements the organic SEO to create a complete Search Engine Marketing campaign. Compared to organic SEO, PPC advertisement provides immediate results, it allows you to target multiple keywords at the same time and quickly realize which keywords are the most effective for your site.


What do you do?

According to the nature of your business, short and long term goals, competition and expectations we will create an strategy to fullfill your company's needs.

We will create your account in all the major Search Engines such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing (previously known as Overture), and MSN Adcenter plus Other Search Engines also available for PPC campaigns. We provide consulting in all stages of the campaign including content and keywords and account monitoring and management.


How you do it?

As well as in the Organic SEO, keyword research is the key for a successful PPC campaign. The advantage here is that you can “purchase” your way to the top for any keyword desired. Now, what is important is to keep the balance between profit and advertisement investment.

Setting up an account is easy; to obtain the keywords desired is not that simple. We need to create and optimize your content so your keywords get approved by the search engines, landing sections are critical to improve the conversion from visitors to customers and most important of all, the budget needs to be monitored and managed.

We will create multiple content pages on your sites that will contribute to expand your keyword reach on your pay per click accounts. With this expansion, you will be able to target more qualified traffic at lower prices.

Tracking and Analysis: Organic SEO and PPC Management should be worked hand by hand, there is just too much information one can provide the other to improve each other. The PPC analysis will let the company find the “good” and “bad” keywords.


Who are the main Pay Per Click Search Engines?

Google Search Engine
Yahoo! Search Engine