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Organic SEO


What is it?

We are a Search Engine Optimization Company that offers White Hat SEO services, since we foresee no need for Black Hat SEO if what you want is a long lasting business on the internet.

Search Engine Optimization is the key for having your web site ranking in the Search Engines. It requires hard work and time to accomplish the goals. We do not promise #1 ranking overnight as offered by bogus companies, we offer serious commitment to achieve the results expected by your company.

Our team of expert search engine marketers and SEO Copywriters will create the best design / content web site for your business. We specialize on SEO-friendly content.


What do you do?

We will start by creating an extensive industry study to locate the top terms (keywords) and competitors. Selecting the top keywords is one of the more critical steps in any Search Engine Marketing campaign. If you choose the incorrect keywords you can get plenty of traffic but not necessarily conversion to clients. How many times have you reached a site via a search engine and couldn’t find what you were looking for? We won’t let this happen with your visitors.


How you do it?

Once the keywords are selected we will proceed to create unique Metatags for your site, suggest content to add, implement link building strategies and create a site structure for the search engines to be able to read your site in the proper way. Metatags do not influence directly the rankings on the SEs but they are used when your site is displayed. Your Metatags must make the visitor click on your site. Content is needed to rank under your main keywords, with content your site is not going to rank. The search engines take into consideration who is linking to you, that is why we implement several link building strategies to attract webmasters to link to you. Finally, the site structure is the one that guides the search engine spider through your site. The information gathered is used by the search engine to understand what your website is about.

Tracking and Analysis: Here we will evaluate if our SEO efforts are accomplishing the company’s goals. The visitor’s behavior will be studied and optimized to increase the conversion from just a visitor to a customer. After the analysis is done we will proceed to the research stage once again.


Where is my going to be site listed?

Google Search Engine
Yahoo! Search Engine