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decentralized Hashtag domains

decentralized Hashtag domains

The most popular .com domain names have long ago been bought up by business and corporation owners; however, decentralized Hashtag domains are still widely available. If you’re looking for a way to resolve a complex domain name to one that is easier for customers or clients to remember, consider buying decentralized Hashtag domains and linking them to your existing website. Hashtag domains are cheap and the process of getting your website to appear on the decentralized Web takes just seconds.

How Decentralized Hashtag Domains Work on Hashtag.Space

Let’s start out with some facts:

The centralized internet, or the one you’re currently using, is controled by an organization called ICANN that exists in China and Russia. If ICANN determines your content or information goes against their communistic agenda, they can take down your website, effectively removing you from the World Wide Web. Don’t be surprised to learn that it’s happening to business owners all across the globe, as we speak.

Resolving your website to the decentralized internet greatly improves security and eliminates the risk of being targeted for free speech, conservative viewpoints, or the sale of products & services that go against communism's ideals. Since information is stored on hundreds of nodes instead of a single server, your website and information are safeguarded from a take-down.

How Do I Make the Move?

Buy a decentralized hashtag domain that makes it possible to link your site to your # domain, then buy up business-related keywords in the form of # domains, as well, to prevent other businesses from taking business away from you while you grow your business. Since hashtag domains cost only $24.95 annually, you don’t need a large budget to accomplish a lot. Business owners that invest from $500 - $2,500 in hashtag domains will have an edge over competing businesses and will make it easy for customers or clients to find them on the decentralized Web.

What If I’m Comfortable on the Centralized Internet?

Businesses that don’t keep up with changing times too often get left behind; as the exodus from the centralized Web to the decentralized Web has already begun, now is the optimum time to get in on the ground floor and make money while establishing your business. Relevant hashtag domains that other business owners may look for in the future can be purchased now and set to autoresell, held to minimize competition in your sector, or used to create new websites or link to existing websites.

Our Hashtag Domain Affiliate Program

If you’re a business owner with an entrepreneur mindset, you may want to consider expanding your budget even more and investing in hashtag domains that can be sold in the future. Join our affiliate program for free to gain access to your personal affiliate link that will direct others to your downline where you’ll earn 25% on every sale that comes through your link. Use hyperlinks to add your affiliate link to blog content, website articles, social media ads & posts, email campaign signatures, or text messages. You could earn a nice passive income through affiliate sales and reselling domains.

Buying Decentralized Hashtag Domains is Easy

At Hashtag.Space, we’ve streamlined the entire process and left nothing to chance. Register for a free account on our website, search for your company name, brand, message, or marketing keywords, then buy domain names that are still available. The longer you wait, the more likely someone else will purchase your preferred domain names.

Hashtag domains work with any size budget; start out with just your business name as a # domain, then slowly start building a portfolio over time as your marketing budget allows. If you worry about the best domain names not being around for long, make a short and long list- the short list compiled of hashtag domain names that are ‘must haves’ and the long list consisting of names that are not in high demand. Clear off your short list as quickly as possible, then start working on your long list. From time to time you’ll come across domain names that are taken- that will happen more and more as businesses move to the decentralized Web.

Don’t Get Left Behind

The future is here; it’s taking the form of a safer, freer internet where ideas, content, and communications can no longer be targeted for their political or religious bias. If you value free speech and want to help build the decentralized internet, get on board at Hashtag.Space and see what the future holds for your business. Feel free to contact Robert Bibb, CEO of Hashtag Space, at 1.304.933.1944 with any questions.


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